File Transfer: Method & Protocols

  File Transfer

File Transfer

It is defined as moving or copying a file from one computer to another (whether of the same or different type) over a network such as Internet. It is a term that can be used for transmitting a File over a large computer network like the Internet. It is also defined as; to exchange the file from one device to the other device is called File transfer. There are many ways and protocols to transfer files over a large network. E-mail is the still dominant way to send & transfer information or file to one person to another. It is also done with the help of Bluetooth.

Types of File Transfer

  • Pull Base- where the receiver initiates file transmission request
  • Push Base- where the sender initiates file transmission request
  • File transfer between computer & peripheral device.
  • File transfer through the Bluetooth.

 File Transfer Protocols

It is a method for exchanging files over the internet. File transfer protocol works in the same ways as HTTP for transferring web pages from a server to a user’s browser. FTP uses the internet TCP/IP protocols to enable data transfer.


 File Transfer

File Transfer

Other File Protocol

There are two common forms of the file transfer are HTTP and peer to peer. HTTP is a website that users can use to either download file or save entire pages of information. HTTP is the information you see in your web browser anytime you use HTTP at the beginning of your web address bar.

Peer to peer does not have a server that holds the entire file available for transfer. Instead, individual computers host the file and then other computer. This means that one computer can access the file on the other computers.


Now a day’s file transfer system is very important to us. By using a computer network and Bluetooth, we can easily transfer a file to one device to another. File types may be videos, picture, images, documents etc.


Understanding File Transfer:

FTP is a file server that holds large file for downloading by another computer. When using a FTP file server make sure that it supports TCP/IP protocol.

Advantages of FTP

There are many advantages of the FTP when it comes to transmitting file over the internet. Depending on your needs, FTP may be the medium for the types of large files you need to transfer across network locally or nationally.

Other benefits and advantages are…

  • One of the biggest advantages of this protocol is that it is one of the fastest ways to get large files from one computer to another.
  • It is more efficient because need not require to complete many operations to get the entire file.
  • It is the best way to transfer large files among many users on a network.

So that by using a file transfer protocol we have easily transfer and share our documents to one device to another device over a large computer network. Bluetooth is also play main role to transfer and share file.
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